Correction Bulb IS Fastest Growing Company in britain

ranking of the UK’s fastest-growing companies

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I assume that’s fastest growth in Turnover, not customer service. :grinning:


Ive found that on the 3 occasions ive used to be absolutely brilliant :grinning:

To be fair, they have been pretty good to me, but so expensive now, I’ve moved.


A couple of good comments from the bottom of the article…

Only growing so fast because they’re giving away £50 to customers who sign up a new customer / to every new customer referred. They can’t keep doing that forever. To me it’s a bit akin to a Ponzi scheme.

ibet it doesnt make a profit

I’m also an ex-customer. They’ve started up at a loss-leading price, just to get people in. They’re now relying on inertia to try and take profits from those who can’t be bothered to leave.

A tip for all Bulb customers: Your price hasn’t gone up, but prices at lots of other suppliers have dropped hugely, as the wholesale price that they have to pay has collapsed recently. If you stay you’re allowing yourself to be fleeced. They’re definitely not the white knights of the industry, as they’d like you to believe - they want to take your money, and you’re letting them.


I have been with bulb now for nearly 2 years and its by far the best energy company ive ever been with, before bulb was ovo and utilita and both of them cost me a fortune to run, dont get me started with british gas or npower all there on about is making absolute fortunes for there companies bulb is for the people, if people dont join bulb well thats there own fault isnt it

Bulb is about making profit for the owners, like every other company.

You don’t “join” Bulb. You become a customer. They are a private company, not a mutual organisation, no matter what they’d like you to believe with their “members not customers” nonsense.

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