Corrections after Smart meter installed

Recently had a smart meter installed followed by 15+ statement corrections. Any one else had similar experiences? I can’t get through to chat to verify what all these different corrections are and how they have been worked out. As that has now resulted in our balance going in the minus and prompted an email requesting direct debit payments should Increase

Hi @matthew.j.frost and welcome to Community :wave: :partying_face:

I can see that following your smart meter installation there was an incorrect meter exchange reading inputted which caused the billing to become incorrect.

Once the correct readings were inputted our system re-billed your billing and backdated this to ensure everything lined up as it should. I do apologise for the inconvenience caused here. I appreciate the billing can be a bit confusing once its consolidated (more than one month’s bill merged together).

I can assure you that all future billing will remain on a monthly basis. If you have any questions about the billing on your account please drop them below and I will take a look into this for you.

Luke :bulb:

I’m just confused about the 12+ corrections. Now taking our account balance into debt.

Smart meter says £81.80 useage last month, but app says £199.22 useage. So which is correct as they are £100 out from each other. I don’t get it.