Correctly reading smart meter

Hello. I’d be grateful for help.

My current issue is that the home was recently swapped over, I am now the resident. The last resident wasn’t getting readings.

The Smart meter was reading “error”. I contacted support via phone and they helped me. The cost of adding a new smart meter was too expensive for my current financial status so I went back to have the meter to recheck to see if there was anything I could do personally.

It turns out I wasn’t holding down the A button, rather tapping it.

It went from “error” to cycling through multiple modes, which was very confusing.

It did come up with a Kwh rating, but i’m not sure if this is properly measuring or an accumulation of the prev owner. I don’t want to type in the wrong number on the site, so being cautious.

I have taken a screenshot of one of the screens.

Is this the measurement I should input into the site? Thanks. I’m hoping the Smart meter is actually working properly as money is very tight atm. The error message is gone.

Unfortunately it won’t allow me to upload screenshot or link to it.

So i’ll type out what it says

"RATE 01 Act ImP


Is this what I should be typing into the site?

Hi @MrBoBo - welcome to Community :wave:

Ah I’m sorry you’re having issues with reading your meter - it’s not what you need after you’ve just moved house!

So I’m not sure what exact type of meter you have without a picture, so please could you double check that you followed the right steps to bring up the reading, by looking through this help guide.

The reading you’ve provided doesn’t fall in line with our estimates, but we haven’t had a reading since 2019 so we don’t have much to go by :grimacing: What we could do is arrange a one off meter meter to come to your property, and they’ll be able to confirm the latest reading and show you how to bring it up? We can book these in 3 weeks in advance so just let me know your preferred date, and whether you’d prefer a morning or afternoon slot.

– Meg :bulb:

Thank you, that would ideal. I have several pictures taken as well of the smart meter, and its cycled mods.

Perhaps it would be quicker if I emailed them directly? Done this a few days back but that was under the assumption that it was broken (showing an error message) but that appears to be gone now altogether. Pretty sure it is fixed.

If that’s not possible, yea, a meter reading would help me out. I already put in that reading, which it seems is probably wrong from what you’re saying, obv don’t want to be updating it with incorrect data.

@MrBoBo - I’ve had a quick look at the emails you sent in and this does look like the right reading in kWh. But we can definitely book a once off reader for you to be sure- is there a particular date you’d be available and whether this would be AM or PM?

We also need a gas meter reading if you can!

Thank you. Any day next week onward would ideal, AM, or whatever earliest is available.

@MrBoBo - I’ll send you a message here to confirm that meter reading job for you :slight_smile: