Cost of energy

is the recent price hike related to the low production of renewable energy over the summer and the vast subsidies
we are forced to pay for these uneconomic resources?

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Renewable energy is massively expensive. Not only because of the cost of infrastructure but because you have no control over it’s production. You therefore have to have expensive back up systems to cope. It’s the price we have to pay to lower CO2 and other emissions.

Hi @petelewisr - Not at all - this is almost entirely due to Natural Gas shortages and the huge demand that was faced for it in the very cold winter and also over summer, when Nuclear energy had a shortage. Because so much of the UK is dependent on gas-fired power stations, when there’s a shortage of gas, the demand for all other sources goes up and results in higher prices. The best way to combat this is by investing in as many diverse types of power as possible.

And the renewable production has been extremely high this year:

And is expected to be cheaper by 2020 too:

Hi Bill. Interesting article for you.

I’m afraid green power is expensive power when you consider the whole picture. This is not to say we shouldn’t be trying to reduce emissions, but it’s not a cheaper option.
However, I agree, it’s mainly other factors causing the recent Gas price rise.

Thanks for sharing @PaulMC12345 - it’s a long read but I’ll get to it over the weekend

The problem of gas supply could be sorted by more fracking so as to unlock our own energy resources…

Good news from Blackpool: the first gas from the fracking well run by Cuadrilla!
But the Luddites have been sabotaging this fantastic new project and I wonder if they are being funded by renewable companies to try to eliminate competition?

I think you are just trolling at this point.


I also think if he is so passionate about this issue he would be better off switching to a supplier who isn’t worried where they obtain their supply.

Like many energy users I support those suppliers who offer the lowest prices, like bulb. Since both gas and elec are supplied via national grids, they cannot say that their supply is renewable or not! The truth is that both commodities are market led supplies with a single price. There is no way anyone can distinguish renewable from non-renewable once it is in the grid. The real problem is that renewable fuels are highly subsidised by users (without their consent), making them really very expensive.


I can never understand why you persist with the same outpouring of negative comments about green energy.

I would have thought by now you must have found a cheaper energy supplier and moved across to them, perhaps you will be happier with them especially if they don’t have the same green credentials as Bulb.

You keep failing to believe that Bulb in particular and possibly other green energy suppliers don’t adhere to the principles shown on this page: