Cost of Smart Meters

I realise that there is no cost for the fitting of these meters but from reading around there is no investment being made by the Government so the cost is being borne by the energy companies which will be recovered from us at some stage. How is Bulb going to recover this cost?

Another thing being spread which is most probably FUD is the danger these meters might spread. There is an article here

Hi @david5723 bills from all consumers will cover the costs of the UK’s smart meter program. However, smart meters have been proven to help consumers reduce their usage. The idea is that the reduction in usage and energy bills will be greater than the cost increases of the UK’s smart program.

Regarding the negative health implications, the scientific research suggests that this is not an issue.

I am not so sure about that. I had (still have) a Smart Meter from OVO Energy and they supplied a gadget that communicated with the company so that you could see the instantaneous change of use at any time. After the initial fascination with I soon lost interest and didn’t bother with it any further. The only advantage was that I didn’t have to upload my readings any more.

@david5723 While this may be the case for some people, we believe that greater transparency of usage will help people cut down where they can on their usage.