Cost of upgrading connections to smart meter

I am having my house re-wired ahead of a new kitchen installation. My electrician told me I should get UK Power Networks to upgrade the service to my house as it is only 60 amp, and the norm is now 100 (maybe 120…). He said it was free since it protects against blow-outs and potential fires if too much load is placed on the supply. So they came out and agreed what needed to be done but told me my supplier needed to upgrade the connections to the meter before they did the work.
Got on to Bulb and the guy was very helpful arranging a quick call out for the work to be done (not sure if me being 66 had anything to do with it but there are some advantages to being an old git). HOWEVER he said it would cost £120 - which seems a bit steep given a) it’s a safety issue that UK Power are happy to do for free (and they have to have 6 men out, traffic controls in place yada yada), whereas the Bulb engineer will take maybe 30 minutes to do the work.
Anyone around the Community care to comment?

Hey @PhillyV :wave:

Nice to see you on Community again- is this for an upgrade for the tails/fuse? The fuse will be a DNO job so this you can organise with them.

Sometimes we may need to upgrade the meter tails (from 16mm to 25mm) when a fuse is upgraded. Is this what is needing to be done here on our side? The cost of this is £120 with us as we would be calling out an engineer.

Let me know if you have any questions :relaxed:

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Hello Holly - it is the tails (I forgot the term). Just seems a lot of money for a quick job that’s all. I’m guessing you wouldn’t let my electrician touch them? He’s obviously got all the right certifications.


@PhillyV - Ah yeah I do understand that, sadly as its an engineering job we do with Siemens we do have to charge for it. Unfortunately not- electricians shouldn’t exchange or upgrade meter tails, this would involve them breaking the seal on the meter which we wouldn’t allow

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Hello again Holly. I’m sure you are very busy today with enquiries about power supply and the future of Bulb, but I wonder if you could just confirm that the scheduled call out to change the meter ‘tails’ is not in danger of getting cancelled? I notice the money has gone out of my account, which is fine, but I would like some assurance that the work will go ahead on the day agreed (11th October). I haven’t had an acknowledgement via email or text about it either. Cheers, Phil.

Hi @PhillyV :wave:

I can confirm that this has been booked in for 11th October between 08:00-12:00, and should go ahead as planned.

Let us know if we can help any further with this.

Cara :bulb:

Thankyou Cara.

All the best.


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