Costs risen dramatically since smart meter installation

We’ve logged £30 in 3 days with Gas making up the vast majority of the cost. This is setting us up to for a 143% MOM increase in cost from the last meter reading, when we had no thermostat in our new home and the heating running at all times as a result.

What is going on here, and why did I get told on phone support that there are never issues with smart meters when that is obviously far from the truth?

Hi @rosecclarke ,

Thank you for contacting me and welcome to bulb community.

From reviewing your account I can see that the engineer gave us a final reading of 22238 before installing your smart meter. As we did not receive a meter read for the gas on 03-01-22 we used the last reading provided by the engineer on 12/01/22 instead. If you could have a look at your gas meter there should be a yellow sticker with all the exchange details. I am happy to look into this further, please could you reply back to my email.

–Suki :hibiscus: