Could I change my gas to Bulb

I have been with Bulb for just under a month for my electricity after switching from SSE.
I’m with British Gas(Scottish Gas) for my gas.
The now I’m on a prepay gas meter and after looking in to it a little more I see bulbs standing charge is a little less for gas then British Gas(Scottish Gas). Even though the hourly rate of both is much the same for prepay.
Is there any chance I could maybe change my gas to bulb.
Also if I ever wanted to move away from a prepay meter, how easy would it be to change the gas meter.


If you contact bulb they will arrange the switch should be able to change to credit meters the S/C would be less

Bulb charge £120 per meter for a credit meter swap. Smart meters can be installed for free if you’re so inclined.

Thanks for the reply’s for far.