Could my bill be adjusted?

I have just received my bill and have been told that my balance is now £29 in credit. This was however based on what Bulb estimated I would use. (They installed a Smart Meter ages ago, but it’s never worked and I’m waiting for something to be done about it).

So, I checked my meters and got fresh readings which were somewhat lower than the estimates. I did a little math, and found that what I should have paid if I had put in my readings sooner was £42 less… Would this be taken into account and my account recredited with the difference?

Also, my bill has been raised to £190+ per month, my estimated usage bill was £140, and actual (should be as per the above) about £97 as we are going into the warmer months, so is the £190 really necessary?
I would much rather pay for what I use when I use it…

Hi @paulunsy :wave:

Thanks for getting in touch about your billing issue.

I have updated your latest statement to take into account your new readings. This should have come through for you now and the account balance has been updated.

With the payments, would it be beneficial for you to switch to a variable direct debit? In this case, we would deduct the exact amount shown on your statements from your bank each month. Let me know if that sounds better and I will get that arranged for you.

-Luke :bulb:

Hi Luke. Apologies for the late reply. I attempted to reply to this by replying to the email, but it would appear that failed… I wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t come back to see what was what when I noticed that I’m due to have £196 come out of my account on the 1st, when I was expecting to only be billed for what I used.

Please see my reply below, though it’s worth noting that an engineer did come to sort out the smart meter, but it apparently can’t connect to bulb… (Separate issue but I can simply read the meters)

"Thank you Luke.

Yes, I would much prefer a variable direct debit. Since my post, I have been informed that an engineer is going to fix/install the smart meter here, so I I’ll be able to control my spending with you much better.

Thank you


Hi, I would really appreciate being set up for paying only for what I owe monthly. I have £196 pending to go into my bulb account on top of the £80 credit already there, and my usage for April is only £82!!!

I would very much like to have my £194 back in my bank account, and to ONLY pay for what I actually use on a monthly basis. :slight_smile: