Could we have more historic data in energy usage graphs

I’d find it really helpful if the energy usage graphs could go back further to allow you to compare your energy usage with the same period in previous years. Is this something you would consider doing? Or could you develop any other tools that help you to compare your energy usage from year to year? Thanks.

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@RedSquirrel that’s a nice idea. I’ll feed that back to the Tech team to see if it is something that we could incorporate in future.

However high or low, I doubt my readings would ever be historic.
Extended historical data would be useful though. :wink:

Thanks Owen.

I would also find that useful. Thanks, Owen

I’d find going back and comparing to the previous year or two helpful too. Scottish Power used to have a graph that covered this year and last year, so that you could compare. I haven’t been with Scottish Power for around 6 years now, so don’t know if it’s something they still do. Having multiple years to compare to so allow for averaging out of unusual variations in a single year, and notes about e.g. as to wether there was a cold or warm winter for example would be interesting to remind you why the usage this Feb was higher than normal.

This ties in with one of my previous suggestions to be able to enter previous reading from before joining Bulb.

My so-called smart thermostat records (directly, from the boiler burner settings) estimated gas use over a rolling 2-calendar-year buffer, but my Bulb account seems to cut off at January 2018, so not even a full year. Which makes me wonder if the system itself is even using last year’s data to inform this year’s estimates at all…

At least I have the old PDF bills in my emails, but it’s not quite the same as having an automagically generated graph. (Which I realise is at odds with a previous suggestion to measure the gas usage of a shower using pen and paper, but, balance of work and effort involved…)

I’d also find this useful.

Yes please. Find it amazing that it’s not already done.

I’d also find this useful too.


@Markp Thanks very much for your thoughts around this. I will pass this onto the tech team. We are evolving our usage charts as we roll out Smart over the next few months - look out for changes.