Could we have the instruction manual to our Smart meters please?

There’s a few questions about how to get readings out of Smart meters, e.g. the Landis+Gyr E470 Type 5424 you fitted at my house last week, but when I contacted Landis+Gyr to ask for a copy of the user manual, they were most unhelpful and said:

‘Landis+Gyr are not able to provide technical assistance to members of the public. Landis+Gyr manufacture electricity and gas meters which we sell directly to the energy supply market. Meters installed in homes are owned and operated by the energy supplier or their partner, and it is their responsibility to provide any advice or support on the operation of the meter or the energy supply.’

Could you share a copy with us?

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I found the above by putting “Landis+Gyr E470 Type 5424” into google.
It brings up loads more information

Thanks for the help, but unfortunately that’s not the right Type, the Type 5424 has the buttons in a different place and different functionality. It seems they have made an E470 for many years and have many different types that vary greatly in functionality!
Thanks again,

same here, the instructions i had from bulb only work once in probably a hundred times, I am in the process of moving to somewhere else so I don’t they will be helpful anymore

"Can you try one more thing of following through the process from start to finish, i.e. pressing the A button, waiting for the screen to go off then hold b for 2 seconds and scroll through the meter readings by pressing A? If you can video this, it’d be great so I can show this example to the smart team whether it works or not?