Could you please explain how our data is being used in your website through

I’ve just realised that you use and in your website, so I wonder what data is being collect, how is it being used and who it is being shared with.

Hi @dolmosm, we use both of those tools to gather statistics about our website. We’re looking at visits to each page, how many people go from one page to another, and how engaged people are with each page (i.e. how long they spend on the page, whether they then go on to switch to Bulb, etc.). We’re not looking at behaviour of specific visitors – we’re looking at the usage in aggregate.

We use these data to help us make decisions about how to improve the website.

We don’t share the data with anyone outside of Bulb, with the possible exception of web development and marketing contractors (who have signed non-disclosure and data confidentiality agreements to ensure the protection and confidentiality of the data).