Crazy company....what is going on

I am a new customer to this company. They have sent me an email asking for a first reading of my meter. The link i have received just sends me to this community page without any direction about submitting a meter reading. Am I supposed to know how to do this if there is no place to submit my reading ? I cannot see how or where to give a reading so I think the only thing to do is ignore the request and ultimately possibly cancel my account and go back to a company that gives their customers proper direction.

same here I do not want to go to the community just see my account please and add a reading

Try that. If that doesn’t work, try clearing your browser cookies.

If izzy’s suggestion doesn’t work contact bulb on Tuesday for an account reset.
This has been an ongoing issue for months that bulb has been unable to resolve.
They have been fixing it “soon” since at least last last November


Hi @barryh2 & @lonneke.vervelde I’m sorry to see you were redirected to Bulb Community.

You should now be able to submit readings via your Bulb Account here

If you install the bulb smartphone app you can enter readings there, either manually or using the camera

can’t submit readings if the accounts not operative, which appears to be the problem here

I am having the exact same issue, I cannot get the app to work either. Please can you fix for me too Matthew?

@Matthew_W_at_Bulb I have the same issue as well. Keep being redirected to community and the app says it’s down for me. Could you fix it for me as well? Thanks!

@alexanderjohnson10, this should now be fixed for you!

@Anouk, I’m not able to find an account based on your email address for some reason, so it looks it might be a different email address that you’ve used for your Community account here.

I can see that you’ve sent an email to us this afternoon, so I’ll reply to this and we can get this sorted for you.

Hello Bulb. I have the same exact issue . Just Joined. have received an email to login . Everytime i do this after creating my account. i get redirected to this community page

Please resolve

Hi @vinaz4real2000,

I’ve replied to your message in this thread:

You will have a reset password email now and once you follow the steps in this email it will fix the problem.