Crazy meter readings


I moved to bulb in November 2019. I did not enter a meter reading, as I did not know where the meter was for my property (inventory states it as being inside the building) however my meter is about a 30 second walk from my front door as I have just found out. I am moving house soon and want to get everything in order. The records show that I submitted a meter reading in November, however the meter is in a lockup box which I do not have the key for. I have managed to get a reading today, however it is significantly higher than expected, and now I worry that I am going to be stuck with a massive bill. Whilst I appreciate I should have submitted a meter reading at the start, I am now concerned I am going to me left with a huge bill due to the initial “estimate” reading being incorrect. If anyone has any advice is would be much appreciated. Thank you

Best bet is to contact Bulb Customer Services and explain that you’ll need to set up a repayment plan as the bill is higher than you can easily afford in the short term

Hi @k_nurding

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I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a bit of trouble with your meter reading. If the opening reading we used was incorrect, then we fix that with what is called a dispute. We raise that with the previous supplier, and it means we both change our change of supply reading at the same time. This ensures you aren’t charged twice/not at all for any energy consumption.

I’m going to send you an email so we can discuss this further and sort out any problems for you.