Creaming even more money

My prepay meter now cuts off with monies still available…I have emailed you …but you don’t answer. I am out of pocket by your actions…get in touch asap…or I switch to another supplier…

This sounds familiar. My pre pay meter display went totally blank in September due to a power cut. Bulb say they have no 2rate pre pay meters to replace it. So they suggested I change supplier back to a Big Six supplier as they have more stock. I only changed from Npower to Bulb in June! I am topping up but display is knackered. Problem for us is who will take us on as customer with no working meter? Take my advice, bang an official complaint in to Bulb, wait for deadlock letter then complain to Ofgem. That is what I have done. Just waiting for dead lock letter to go to Ofgem.

Maybe they dont answer because normal people are living in the 21st century. If you can afford a device to email on, then you can afford a little local rate call to them.

0300 303 0635

Don’t you have anything to do but troll threads trying to defend your company? Like fixing your terrible customer support?

My company…? Does my name start with Amit or Hayden? Lol, im a customer also. Except, I have common sense.