Creating my own green energy

Hi I just switched to bulb but I’m interested in creating my own green energy, what do you recommend? I live on the edge of London/Essex on a hill so good for wind and also south and east facing roof. Feel a bit overwhelmed so any advice appreciated :slight_smile:

Just my personal opinion but unless you are very much in to DIY the costs of getting a usable system would far outweigh any cost savings for years to come, maybe to high a price to go green but each to their own.


Wind is not worth it at a small scale.

Solar pv panels will pay for themselves if you’re not planning on moving home/selling the property, so put some on your south and maybe east facing roof, and do it before April 2019

Hey @Natansky

The Energy Saving Trust has some good advice on getting started with your own generation.

The majority of home generation in the UK is through solar panels. But you’ll find information about all wind turbines, hyro and micro-CHP (a low-carbon option).

We’d love to know what you decide to do and how you get on with it. Please keep us updated :slight_smile: