Credit for joining

I’m new and the changeover happened today but I supplied a reading on 29 April but my old provider would have provided until yesterday 2 May so how does that work. Also how can I use the £50 credit towards my first payment that you will take andnis I’m too late how do I use it for the next payment? Thanks

Hi @Dka unfortunately it is too late to use your credit this month, but I have reduced payments for next month to £20, then increased them again to £70 for future months.

Hi. I have a friend my referral link and he registered. I received an email to say this will be available for me 3 June. Can you please ensure that this is taken from my own next bill please (my direct debit is also 3 June) currently I can see the auto payment in my account still showing as £20 rather than £70 So if I can use my £50 new credit from referral for 3 June payment that would generate. Pls confirm this isn’t a problem and if it is a problem then pls ensure it gets refunded to my bank account instead. Thanks

Hi @Dka , the next payment on the 3rd June is going to £20 and your friends referral credit will bump that payment up to £70.

Everything is all set up already, but let me know if there is anything else.