Credit from joining and referring a friend

Hiya, how long doesn’t it take for a credit to show? I joined when it was the £75 offer for the person referring and the person joining. I have also referred two other people and still haven’t received anything. I joined on the 30th of May and the first payment came out on the 15th of June. Thanks.

Credits should have been added to your account on the switch date(/s), except in the case of prepayment customers which works differently. Switch date normally being 21 days after sign up. If no credit, the new customer should contact Bulb directly with details of the referral link and referrer’s name or post code.

I can see the two people I referred but it’s a 0 next to it. And has been for over a month. But neither me or my mum have been credited for her referring me. Am I best just phoning them?

Am I best just phoning them?