Credit meter installation


We’d like to move to Bulb, but our property currently has a pay as you go meter on the electricity. The gas meter is a credit meter. Can we arrange to open an account with Bulb and for them to arrange an engineer to replace the PAYG meter with a credit meter?



Hi @Eilidh_and_Jake ,

I’ll just like to plagarise the response to a similar question from :

Bulb can certainly help with this - but switching from prepayment to a credit meter currently involves a change of physical meter at a cost of £120 per meter (se ). However, during next year Bulb are rolling out smart meters free of charge for customers and these can be remotely switched between prepayment and credit settings and so if you don't have an urgent need to switch, then it'll probably be worth waiting.

Thanks for getting back.

We’re really not wanting to get a smart meter. The UK system of smart meters seems totally daft. If you change supplier, you have to get your smart meter changed!

Unfortunately, our current supplier is unable to change out our meter until at least mid next year. There are apparently some problems getting them changed.

I’ll look into another method to it changed before moving to bulb.




Bulb will only be rolling out the 2nd Generation of smart meters, which will be compatible with all suppliers when switching to/away…

Hi, Bulb would charge for the work needed for the swap as per the above. We do offer competitive rates for prepayment meters. When our smart meter roll out (of 2nd generation, fully switchable meters) begins in early 2019, you would be able to get it swapped for free.