Credit on account, but received email saying usual amount would be debited

I have £50 credit on my account from referring a friend (credited on 6 Feb). But I just received an email to say £60 would be debited from my account in the next 3 days (which is my usual monthly payment). Why has the credit not been taken into account? I was expecting my bill to be around £10 this month from having this credit…

Credits are added to accounts and D/D`s remain constant throughout the year based on your annual usage, a build up of credit is not automatically credited back as many use this for the higher energy usage throughout the winter months.
If you contact Bulb (mon - fri) they can arrange to credit back to your bank account excess credit.

@Oliviaal You can do one of two things with the referral credit:

1- refund to your bank account
2- put towards new bills

We don’t do anything with the credit until you let us know, so just say what you would like done with it and we can sort it out.