Credit on Account?


I’m a relatively new bulb customer (for one month) and was just checking my account payment details - i can see that my account is currently in credit for ~£75. I’m not sure exactly how that’s the case - would anyone be able to advise?
I set up the monthly payments to be £37.81 which I have now reduced down to £30 but I just want to know how the account was in credit by £75 - was it £50 for joining then £25 credit for the amount of energy used in the first month?


Hi there,

The £75.62 is two payments of £37.81. The change to £30 was made after the direct debit had started processing (requests 6 days before), so the second payment remained at the original amount.

The next monthly payment will be down to £30. We’ve not sent your first statement which will reduce the balance and it’s normal to have credit in your account with Bulb, as you pay in advance, so you should have around 1 month’s credit in your account.