Credit on my account before the DD date

Hi Bulb,

Under my account, I can see I have a credit amount equal to the DD monthly payment, but that’s not supposed to go through until tomorrow, which is when my official start date is.

(important to note, this isn’t my £50 referral credit, as I was told that would be applied on/after my official start date.)

Will I get charged again tomorrow? What’s going on here?
Yours sincerely,
Confused and don’t want to be extra poor this month :slight_smile:

Hi @AlexG ,

The DD payment does show in MyBulb before the payment clears from your bank. The payment almost always go through but if they don’t, the account balance adjusts back to where it was.

The referral credit is added on the account on the first couple of days after your switch.

Hope that all makes sense.

Basically, everything is going as planned! Do not worry about it!

Hi @AlexG, I believe the credit appears on your account as soon as Bulb request it but it takes a few days for it to come out of your bank account (on your monthly payment date). Direct Debits are not instant when requested so Bulb have to request it early.

@AlexG I’ve raised this issue before because it’s very misleading. The answer is as follows:

The direct debit process can begin up to six days before the money comes out of your bank account, but as soon as this process starts your bulb account shows the money as being there (even though it’s not and the payment is only pending). The direct debit will not actually leave your bank account until the due date - tomorrow in your case - at which time your Bulb balance will then look correct. Don’t worry, you’re not going to be charged twice.

I’m not sure why Bulb can’t change this as it is very confusing for the customer. Previous supplier (Ovo) certainly didn’t make it appear that pending payments were already in your account.

NOTE: I wrote this without realising the other two had already replied. @mowcius and @“Rob at Bulb” are obviously much better at it than me!

Ah, I understand now!
Cheers @“Rob at Bulb” , @mowcius & @xxx! All very helpful answers, thank you kindly :slight_smile: