Credit on previous firm's smart meter

HI all,

I officially switched over to Bulb yesterday from Ecotricity. I have a 1st generation Pay-As-You-Go smart meter with an in-home display and have switched over to paying by direct debit - I paid my first lot yesterday.

I still had a few pounds’ credit on my old PAYG meter, and it looks like I’m still using the credit at the previous firms’ tariff.

Just to enquire what’s going on, really.



Use the help button and search for switching with pre pay for info.

Hi @Andrew_G1

As you have a Pay-As -You-Go smart meter, we need the meter to be remotely configured to Credit mode by the old supplier.

To check the meter has been switched to Credit mode the meter screen will display ‘CREDIT ON’. You may still see the last amount of credit on the meter from before the switch.

If the meter shows ‘VEND MODE’ please give us a call on 0300 30 30 635, so that we can request the remote configuration with your old supplier. If the credit is going down on the meter this is also an indication the meter has not changed over correctly.

All sorted. Phoned up around Midday in the 3rd, and my meter was transferred by that evening. Thanks Hanna T and the Bulb team