Credit refund and cancellation of debit

I have switched to another supplier. my direct debit is still activated. what happens to my remaining credit please?

Your new supplier will send Bulb your opening/closing meter readings which will be used by Bulb to generate your final bill within 6 weeks of leaving. Any credit owing would be refunded then.

trouble is my smart meter is faulty and I am unable to give a reading. I have contacted bulb numerous times and they asked me to send a photo of the meter screen. I explained that i could not see the screen but have not heard anything back from them.

Hey @gmaz Thanks for your post.

If you have switched supplier Bulb would now be unable to exchange your meter, your supplier would likely send an estimate unless they can get a remote reading.

We can see you provided a reading earlier in april. is this read still the same, has it changed or is the meter now officially blank?

Any credit is refunded within 10 working days of the final bill.


my smart meter reading is blank

how long does it take before you receive my estimate then? my new supplier has taken its first payment from me already?

Hi @gmaz ,

Thank you for posting,

I have taken a look into your account and it seems your switch was objected. I have sent you over an email follow up if you could kindly review this and respond.

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