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I would like a manager to contact me re my bulb account.

I was refunded on the 21st of October 2021 a total of £420. 94 due to a faulty meter being replaced. You had overcharged me by that amount.

I withdrew the money on the 22nd of October. After checking that it was a correct adjustment.

On the 5th of November you then charged my account for £420.94. No explanation, nothing.

I have tried on multiple occasions to get this sorted out. Including a number of emails and telephone calls. Yet no one has been able to explain why the money was recharged.

I am now getting calls saying I owe a lot and need to up my payments. Obviously I am not doing this until this issue has been corrected.

I also note that my account has had numerous corrections applied to it. Even to the point of refunding everything and then recharging me for a yearly total. Why was this done. I have a smart meter that sends you how much electricity I have used. There is no need to refund and recharge.

I wish a full explanation, otherwise I will take this to the omnibus.

A very dissatisfied customer

Richard Baker

Hi @penfoldblue

Thank you for your post, and I’m sorry for the delay on getting back to you on this.

The initial October statement issued for £420.94 looks to have been incorrect, it used the closing reading of your old faulty meter as 0, which will have in turn created negative usage and a positive bill.

This will be incorrect, so the statement was ‘corrected’ ie reversed in November and your account recharged to remove the incorrect credit from the account. I’m sorry if you received misinformation on the validity of the initial statement.

Our operations team have then gone back to your account and rebilled it for an extended period with the correct readings and adjustments made. Again this is done through ‘statement corrections’,whereby previous statements are cancelled out and a consolidated bill is issued in their place.

The outstanding balance on your account is now correct, but I do believe your monthly payments may be a little low when looking at your usage.

Let us know if you have any more questions on this