Credit Refund help

Hi There,

I have been trying to get a credit refund from Bulb for 13 days with no success… The advice says to simply request via email which I have tried repeatedly over the last 13 days, my readings are up-to-date etc as required but no useful response or action.

It’s almost as through Bulb does not want to return my money…?

Any advice on getting a refund?


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When you emailed, did you get a reference number?

I’m not asking for numbers, but depending on how much excess credit you have you may or may not be able to get the credit back.

If your credit balance is less than a months worth of usage you may not get a refund.

@monchichack If you have exhausted all attempts by email, phone and letter then these are the next steps that I recommend that you consider taking:

  1. Send a letter by recorded delivery to:
    Hayden Wood,
    Bulb Energy Ltd,
    155 Bishopsgate, London, England, EC2M 3TQ
    Give him 14 days to respond and rectify the matter and if he does not then issue a small claims court summons.
  2. Use social media and create embarrassment.

That surely depends on why he wants it? If he is leaving Bulb then he is entitled to the money. It is his not Wood’s.

The OP didn’t specify whether he is leaving bulb.

Credit is transferred automatically if you switch supplier or a refund issued when the final bill is settled.

The terms of you account state you need to be a month in advance at all times.

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I am presuming from the wording of his post (I could be wrong) that he is leaving Bulb in which case he is entitled to the money if he is closing his account down. It cannot be presumed that he will open an account with another company. In any case it is piss poor not to get a reply from Bulb.

I think you may have the wrong end of the stick. Credit refunds are usually asked by those wanting to reduce the balance in their account.

Without further information we cannot be sure of anything. As I said it is poor customer service. He needs to publicly embarrass them and should start on Hayden’s twitter account.

Thx for response

My account has £500 credit & monthly bill is around £100.
Reason for requesting credit is not to move supplier, I just want my money back.

Bulb have responded with generic email ‘We’re busier than usual at the moment’… But no follow up emails.

Included in email is advice ‘If your account is in credit by more than your monthly payment amount you can email to ask for a refund’.
I’ve sent 4 different emails asking for a refund over 13 days but nothing more than the generic response.

Haven’t called or written a letter because the instructions are clear - send an email request.

Will try to give them a call


Assuming you are not moving to another supplier and simply want a refund of your credit, why not reduce your DD to £5 per month to use up your credit? Not quite the same as getting a refund but at least you will not be increasing your credit.

Thanks for the suggestions but that isn’t what I’m after & that leaves Bulb to benefit from the interest of my hard earned money.

I realise you were after getting a refund but I suggested an alternative approach until such time as Bulb replies to your request. It could be after the horse has bolted but keeping a close eye on your statements each month eliminates the possibility of building up a credit over and above that required as part of Bulbs T&Cs. There is flexibility in amending your monthly DD to prevent a build up of credit unless of course you have a had a bumper time with referrals.

I’m having the same issue with this. I’m after retrieving credit that is over my monthly bill payments, no response other than the auto reply and ‘helpful’ articles that send you round in circles.

I thought Bulb was up there in terms of customer service?
Where can I find Bulb’s contact number as that seems to be absent from the website as far as I can see…

I was under the impression that having a smart meter installed means accurate readings/statements so there should not be any opportunity for a build up of credit on my account?

You have to regularly check your account and ensure your direct debit covers 1/12th of your annual usage. If you log in you’ll get suggestions on what to do with your direct debit


Are you able to access your Bulb statements?

Average monthly payment £100
Credit £600
Direct debit £150

Smart meter installed

Surely if I have a smart meter I should only pay what I use so there should be no need for credit.

Following advice from you guys I’ll reduce my direct debit.

I’d still like my credit back though

Yes? Otherwise I wouldn’t know what my credit amount is up to.


As you can access your statements Bulb’s contact details are shown on them.

What gave you that impression?

No, billing works the same way regardless of the type of meter you have. i.e., you pay 1/12 of your annual usage each month, and so build up a credit over the summer to be used up over the large winter bills. This is how all suppliers work with averaged monthly direct debit systems.

There’s lots of info in the help section if you’d like to learn more about how your are billed.