Credit refund?

My credit balance is currently £421.22; I’ve just reduced my monthly payments to £105, which should help keep the balance increase a bit lower in future. In the meantime, would you please refund £250, which will retain a buffer of around £170. Or you can refund more if you think the buffer doesn’t need to be so high, especially as summer is about to begin.Thanks.

Hi @renewab - we’d love to :slight_smile:
Can you first pop in a set of meter readings? We’ll then be able to check the best amount to refund!

OK. Will do this morning.

Meter readings have been entered. Thanks.

@renewab - Awesome! We’ve sent an updated statement and the £250 is flying over to your bank as you speak

Great - thank you.

The refund hit my account today, thank you. But it’s only £230, not the £250 we agreed (“the £250 is flying over to your bank as you speak”). In 3 separate payments of £100 x2 and £30. Can you rectify, please. Thanks.

Hi @renewab the missing £20 has just taken off and is flying over to you now :slight_smile:

Lovely, thank you. Got it now.