Credit refund


I have quite some credit that I would like to be refunded to my bank account.

What do I need to do?


@mistrellojacopo Yep - absolutely :slight_smile: We just need to keep at least 1 month’s credit in there to pay for next month’s energy but over that just let us know how much you’d like back :+1:

Hello mattg,

Can you please refund £200 into my account. That should leave enough to pay for next month’s bill as the average for the last 7 months is lower than that.

How long does this take normally?

Since I will have to cancel the account in the next month I guess the amount that I still have in credit then will be refunded too?


Hi @mistrellojacopo

I have done that for you now and it will be in your account within 3 working days :slight_smile:

Any credit after your final bill will be refunded at the point we send out your final bill :slight_smile: