Credit refund?


I’ve got around £250 of credit on my account, could I get some of it transferred back to me?


Hi there @dave2892 no problem at all, we can refund you down to one and a half times your monthly payment amount any time. I can put that through for you now if you like, or if you wanted to talks specific numbers then I’m more happy to do so. I’d rather not put all that on a public forum though, so if you wouldn’t mind emailing us at or calling us up on 0300 30 30 635 we can go over any of the details for you

@“David at Bulb”, when did this change to 1.5x the monthly payment rather than 1x the monthly payment?

I’m fine with paying in advance but Bulb’s not a bank, so surely that .5x payment should still be the customers’ to do with as they please.

@mowcius You are correct in saying that the extra 0.5x is definitely something that we can refund back to the customer. As a general rule of thumb, we do advise customers to leave 1.5x monthly payment. I apologise for David’s post it should be 1x monthly pay instead of 1.5x!

Hi @“SJ at Bulb” @“David at Bulb” Can you refund me down to 1.5x my monthly amount and also ammend my monthly amount to £25 as I don’t seem able to currently because of my excessive credit.


Hi @dave2892 no problem I’ve just put that through for you.