Credit refund

I closed my account with bulb just over a week ago and I think i should get a refund but I haven’t heard anything back yet and I can’t check my account as it’s closed… Should it be in by now? Should I have an email to say how much I will be refunded ?

Hi @catherine2698 ,

The timeframe will depend on how/why you closed your account. If you switched suppliers, it can take 6 weeks for the new supplier, Bulb and the third party regulator to ‘verify/finalise’ your meter readings - once that’s done (sometimes it can be quick), Bulb then should raise your final bill and send you a refund a few days afterwards. (see )

If you closed your account because you moved out, Bulb will still need to get the meter reading verified by the regulator (again 4 - 6 weeks) raise the final bill and then send the refund. The refund will take at least 3 business days to work its way through the banking system (due to the way direct debits work). (see )