Credit request being ignored

I have been trying to contact bulb all year. Why am I being ignored, going under?

Your neglect to acknowledge my request in a timely manner has put us under extreme hardship. You haven’t answered an email in weeks, the phone number is cut off, and blogging seems my only option now before my appointment with Money matters at the local social services unit on Monday, they will give me support to get lawyer to get the money you have stolen from me.

Has anyone else in bulb community had the same done to them?


It doesn’t appear to be. What makes you say this?

Not excusing Bulb’s poor customer service, it’s well known that they hardly respond to emails any more. But phone and webchat have always worked well when I’ve had to contact them, including just this past week. What has happened when you’ve tried to call?

If you’re suffering financial hardship, I’d suggest the first thing you could do is reduce your direct debit down to the minimum £5 which you can do yourself through your account portal. This wont get your existing credit back any quicker but will hopefully ease the monthly budget a little, especially since it sounds like you’ve been overpaying for quite some time if your Bulb credit is very high.

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