Credit Rolling Over From GNergy

I’m one of the customers that has been transferred over from GNergy, and noticed that my credit which was apparently being transferred in full stands at £20 on the Bulb statements, but my final statement from GNergy shows £370+ credit.

Is there currently an ETA on when this will be applied? I’ve paid off my current outstanding bill with Bulb but would like to lower my D/D to reflect credit I’ve got to work through. Has anyone else received their full credit rollover?

I know between Gnergy’s collapse and Coronavirus you’ve got your hands full! I just want to try and get my own finances in order where I can.


Hi @MatthewG,

First of all, welcome to our Community, we’re happy to have you :wave:

I’ve managed to pull up your account, but I’m not able to see your Gnergy final statement unfortunately. If I send you an email, would you be able to throw that final statement from Gnergy into a reply, so that I can take a look at what’s going on with that?

Absolutely. Thanks Lou

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