Credit & Statements

I have a direct debit plan with Bulb of £63 a month but last month I gave them my meter readings and I received a statement of 50 pounds credit.

My question is how can I spend this credit amount? I haven’t received any refund and this month they already took off the £63 direct debit monthly amount

Hi @Brian1234,

That money will remain in your account until:
a) Your bills come to more than your direct debit. This can be ‘hastened’ by reducing your direct debit down if you wanted.
b) You close your account
c) You request a refund - see

Bulb does ask for one months payment ‘in advance’ to enable them to keep their prices low (by allowing them to ‘pre-pay’ for electricity/gas used and to help avoid bad debt) and so all Bulb accounts should be in credit of at least one month.