Credit type of meter

I was trying to switch but at the and appeared messege: It looks like you have a credit meter…

According to our systems, you have a credit electricity meter. Please go back to select the correct meter type. If this isn’t the case and you’re sure you don’t have a credit meter, it means your current supplier hasn’t updated the meter database. You need to get in touch with them to update your meter type before signing up with us.
Sorry but I did not find where I can select the correct meter type. I prevent my previous supplier about switching. What should I do now? Thank you!

Hi @Ekaterina ,

When you are signing up, it asks you how you pay: Either by direct debit (a ‘credit’ meter) or if you top up by key/card (a prepaid meter). By sounds of things, you selected key/card even though you pay via direct debit or similar to your existing supplier.

Got it! Thank you!