credit where due

plenty of negative posts recently. I rang bulb re changing a meter at lunchtime today 4 minute wait so pressed 1 for a callback not expecting much. In just over 3 minutes I had a call from Will at bulb and after a short time on hold he came back checked a few details and said he would get things moving 2 hours later an e mail from him confirming date and time for a new meter to be fitted, cant really beat that especially as it is a 3 rate meter coming out and a single rate non smart going in

Nice to hear.
I reckon the negative comments are mostly generated from smart meter issues.

Thanks @dm672

It’s so lovely that you took time to share this!

Sound like you have an unusual set up but good to hear that it’s a simple fix.


I am sure as time goes on the way we use electricity will change due to electric cars and ban on gas in new build homes this will create the need for a whole range of innovative tariffs for which a smart meter would be ideal. However I do not believe the technology is anywhere like fully sorted at present but the government still keeps pushing suppliers and in turn users to change to smart ,it needs a longer period to allow proper development instead of the target of the end of 2020