Credit withdrawal

Hello, could I withdraw my full £86.37 balance to my bank account please?
Also is there any other way to do this rather than posting here? Only just switched to Bulb :slight_smile:

Hi @AlexBlackmoore, the simple answer to this is no.

As we all pay Bulb in advance for our electricity (something agreed to when signing up), you can’t withdraw any more credit from your account than would leave you with your standard monthly payment remaining.

If your payment amount is £60, you could therefore withdraw £26.37.

As it’s the winter, I’d recommend leaving extra credit in your account anyway as your bills are likely to be higher during the colder months.

@mowcius My current bill is £36.37, does this mean I am able to withdraw £50? As far as higher electric costs go in winter months, I never turn the heating on so my bill remains a standard throughout.

@AlexBlackmoore, withdrawing £50 should be fine in that case.

Normally easiest to give Bulb a ring (0300 30 30 635 09:00-18:00) to arrange this.

I wish my bills were that low! :smile:

Hi @AlexBlackmoore I can see that Alistair refunded you £50 credit for you when you got in touch yesterday - it should be with you in a few days!