How do I get my credit back? As I need it for other bills

Hi @pete102, we recommend keeping some credit in your account in case you have a month of high usage. If you’d still like us to refund it for you then just say the word and we’ll be able to do so.

Just to let you know that at least every 6 months, we will look at people’s accounts and make sure that the credit doesn’t get too high.

Yeah, if I could have it all back for now as I have other bills to pay. Thank you.

Hi @pete102, we refunded you as much as we could, £45, on the 3rd January with less than a month of energy use. As a rule, we require a month’s usage in credit so that we can buy energy in earlier at a cheaper rate so we can pass the savings onto you. If it would help, we can delay this month’s payment if you would like.

If you could please. Thank you.

Hey @pete102, the next payment has been delayed so your next payment in will be £45 on the 26th February :slight_smile: