Credit ?

I may sound stupid, but can someone explain ‘in credit’ to me please? Made my first payment of £52 to bulb and got my £50 credit for switching, but why is there £102 in my account? Shouldn’t there only be £50 as I’ve already paid the £52?

You make payments to your account, and then when the monthly bills occur, the money is taken out of the account at that point so you need to wait a month to see the balance going down.

Hey @Martha - no such thing as a stupid question :slight_smile:

@shaun8818 is right though - thanks Shaun!

So yep, your bank balance goes down by £52 and your Bulb balance goes up by £52. Then it went up by another £50 because of the referral credit, so you’re £102 in credit. When we send your first statement (when you’ve been with us for a month), that amount will be taken off your Bulb account. So if you used £40 of energy, you’d have £62 credit left. If you used £140 of energy, you’d have -£38 credit i.e. £38 debit.

Hope that helps!