Hi - I pay £76 a month and spend £50 a month over summer. I am £795 in credit. This seems like a lot of credit. Even if I spend £140 a month in the next 6 months (winter) I won’t eat through this credit. Can I reclaim some of it or lower my monthly payments?

Hey @dawn4746

That’s a lot of credit, good job building that up! So long as you’ve provided a meter reading in the last month and leave enough to cover the next month, you can claim all of the remaining credit back straight into your bank account!

Simply email with this information or speak to one of Bulb’s friendly faces, here’s one @“David at Bulb”


To avoid building up this sort of credit you should have been reducing your monthly direct debit by going to this page: . As @mitchell also mentions you can request a refund, please check out this page before requesting a refund:

Exactly right! @Allanr and @mitchell

We have 3 conditions we need to meet before we can send you a refund:

-We need up-to-date meter readings … So we don’t have to ask for it all back if they aren’t current.

-We need at least one months balance in the account … So you don’t go into debt :slight_smile:

-We need you to have paid in the amount you wish to take out.

Once we’ve ticked all the boxes we can happily request a refund to be sent to your bank within 5-7 days