I recently switched to Bulb and am entitled to a £50 credit as a I was referred by a friend.
When will this be activated on my account? My fist direct debit payment looks like it doesn’t include this.

@Eldy82, referral bonuses are credited to your Bulb account and should appear either on or the day after your switch date (normally 21 days after your sign up date). Your direct debit payments will be unaffected by this credit.

You can request to have excess credit transferred to your bank account (which your £50 referral bonus should be immediately after signing up), but as we’re coming into winter where bills are typically higher, I’d recommend leaving it where it is until the spring/summer and then removing any excess credit from your account at that time if there is any.


@mowcius is right, you will get it once you have switched to us which will be over the next couple of days :slight_smile: