I have recently joined bulb and it says i have £50 credit, i am just wondering what i can do with it

Hi @Meagan,

Welcome to Bulb!

Credits (whether for ‘refer a friend’ or other occasions such as if Bulb deems their customer service wasn’t up to their usual high standards) are just just applied to your ‘Bulb account’ as a credit - this is the same as when a direct debit is paid - it goes into your ‘Bulb account’.

When a bill is generated, it is then paid off from that Bulb account (so there is no direct connection between the direct debit amount and your bill) - this helps avoid ‘bill shock’ during winter when heating bills are more expensive by averaging out your expected bills over the year and setting the direct debit to that amount throughout the year (so you’ll tend to have a bit of credit during the summer months).

You can either let the money sit there for future bills (such as over winter), you can reduce your direct debit amount so the bills start ‘nibbling away’ at the credit stored (there should be a ‘Change monthly amount’ option at Bulb account ) or you can ask Bulb for a refund of unused credit (although they’ll ask you to keep enough in your Bulb account to cover 1-2 months bills).

Hope this helps!

So can i use my £50 credit to pay my pill this month instead of paying out of my own pocket

So can i use my £50 credit to pay my pill this month instead of paying out of my own pocket

Yes and no. Your direct debit will still be taken as normal. But your £50 credit will contribute to your bills. Think of your Bulb account as being an extension of your bank account. You pay money in by direct debit and bills get taken from that credit. Just like your bank account, there will always be some credit in the account and you should avoid going overdrawn.

Right so what is the top up balance actually for?

A number of situations: know you are using a lot of gas/electric this month, but don’t want to increase your direct debit - then you can top up. You prefer to have a low direct debit, but just come into a little bit of money (lottery win perhaps?) and want to lock that money away for future bill usage - then top up. etc

Ok thank you

I’ve just won the Lottery. Obviously the sensible thing to do is hand it over to Bulb.