Crikey have i made a mistake!

she was a lovely person on the phone promised me things will be fine and i had nothing to worry about joining Bulb! well with all i have read so far has me questioning my decision, still no news about the WHD, told by me gp to shield till April coldest time of the year sat at home wearing a bloody coat 5 roomed flat with 1 heater storage at that what is the hold up ?

Hi @srpayne.sp

I can see that your WHD application is currently being audited by DWP. When the batch is completed you will get the outcome via email.

We have until the end of March to pay the WHD however we aim to do this before hand. It does depend on how quick the audit is.

Really sorry to hear about how cold you are :disappointed:. If you did need to borrow some discretionary credit in the meantime you can do this. Please email the request to


hi mel, thank you firstly for your time in replying, its very heart “warming” to know at least i am being audited that’s something i guess, thank you for the offer of some discretionary credit but i feel soulless enough having to beg for the whd , again thank you for your time regards sean