Crossed meter & a Bulb bank account for payments

Until I accessed the forum, I thought I was the only one experiencing a poor service from Bulb.

When I moved into my property in March where Bulb was the existing supplier, I tried to sign up with them by first agreeing an estimate of gas usage based on a single occupancy as opposed to the previous occupants. They insisted on an estimate based on the previous family, even though their estimate far exceeded the actual ‘move-in’ meter reading, so I signed up with a different supplier.

I then discovered that the estimate Bulb insisted on using was actually for a different gas meter, as my meter was crossed with someone else. Despite several email images of my gas meter showing the current reading being far less than their estimate, they insist on me settling their final bill which is based on an estimate for gas usage of someone else’s meter.

Now 7 weeks later they are harassing me both by email and text, so I’ve now complained and depending upon the outcome, I’ll wait the 8 weeks before lodging a formal complaint with the Ombudsman.

In the meantime, I want to compute the actual amount owed based upon the ‘Read-in’ date & meter reading of my new supplier and pay this, but I can’t find a Bulb account to make the payment to. Can anyone help?

Hi @Markie,

Welcome to Community.

I’m really sorry to hear of your experience with us and hopefully we can get this sorted for you. I can see that you’ve emailed us and I’ll raise this as a complaint for you straight away.

Crossed meters can be quite complicated so we’ll need to get in touch with Octopus to verify the situation and make sure we’re all on the same page.

I’ll be in touch with you via email and hopefully we can get this sorted ASAP.

Octopus sorted out the crossed meter on the 12th May. They have also confirmed my opening readings and have used these to bill me. The significant discrepancy is the closing gas estimate being used by Bulb.

I’ve emailed specific details to you at Bulb and I hope that what is a simple issue can be quickly resolved.

Hi @Markie I’m glad to hear that there’s no outstanding issue with the crossed meter. Both suppliers should receive the same change of supplier reads to use, unfortunately this doesn’t seem to have been the case, unless your new supplier were given the same estimate as us, then updated based on your actual readings.

@Gabby_at_Bulb will get back to you shortly via email so we can get you a correct final statement

I’ve received the updated closing bill, checked it and requested a link with a payment code to enable me to make a payment on receipt.

This has been rapidly dealt with here, but annoying that I had to post here to get a resolution to what could just as easily have been resolved via the regular channels a month ago.


Hi @Markie,

Sending you over that payment code now :grinning:

Sorry it’s taken so long to sort out.