Cubic Meters and KWhrs on New Meter/IHD do not tally!

I have had a smart meter for 4 months now but no bill of any kind yet.

But I am worried. My meter readings (in cubic Meters) have gone up by a factor of 2.5 from previous years! However - the number of KWhrs that the IHD is showing is pretty much exactly in line with my use last year. I am using the same conversion factor from cubic meters to KWhrs as we used for old meter (about x31). This does not make sense!!

I was worried that maybe my old meter had been badly under-reading, but actually I have now done an experiment. I can now see that (assuming my conversion factor is correct) that my boiler could not even use gas at the rate that the meter reading implies. And as I said before, my IHD KWhr/price readings look bang on.

Can anyone tell me whats going on?

Of course I have asked Bulb about this but they haven’t bothered to reply.

Could it be that your old meter measured in hundreds of cubic feet not cubic meters? Your conversion factor of 31 looks wrong - mine is about 11. The conversion factor for 100 cu. ft. to cu. m. is 2.83.

@christos_1 has nailed it. The old meter must have been an imperial, not metric type.