Curious data leak

Having had some issues with my previous energy supplier, I’ve obtained from them all the meter readings on their records. Strangely these include 2 electricity meter readings from after my departure to Bulb, listed as customer supplied readings, which I didn’t supply. However on checking these correspond exactly (date and meter read) to those provided to Bulb.
How does that happen?

It could be to 3rd party verification. When you switch suppliers the 3rd party confirms final readings and I would then think they pass to both suppliers to agree which is why it can take up to 6 weeks to get a final bill from previous supplier.

I get that for the ones that were provided up to departure in March including the final one, but the May and June ones?

Hi @flyingbanana,

It sounds as though this is the first readings you give us and that they use as their final readings.

The final bill from one supplier must always finish on the readings that we open your account with, these readings are given to them by us and verified by a third party data collector.