Current meter

I am currently awaiting my switch to Bulb. My current meters are from Boost (ovo energy) and allow me to top up through an app on my smart phone. I prepay but don’t want to continue this as I would rather pay by monthly direct debit. Will I need new meters and if so will I be charged for these?

Hey @Razorb64.

Yes, we can exchange your meters.

You need to switch your current prepay meter through and we’ll sign you up on a prepay plan. Once we’re your supplier, you can request to have your meters exchanged.

This costs £120 per meter. This will be debited from your Bulb Account.

Alternatively, you can ask your current supplier who will be able to change this before the switch takes place.

Does this mean my meters must be changed or can I continue with the ones I have? My first direct debit is due to be paid 15/9/18 my switch date. Surely if I provide regular meter readings then there is no need to change meters and be charged £240. If I had known this I would have stayed with my old supplier

Hi razor,

You can still cancel your switch if that’s what you want in the app or on the bulb dashboard.

Heya @Razorb64. Yes, you can keep your meters :slight_smile: You never have to change them.

Thank Eleanor