[Customer Service ASAP] Cant submit meter readings, its sayings it not what your expecting. What?

Stop trying to be clever with estimations, i’ve had enough of this with old energy suppliers, please let me add my reading.

I am posting this because i need to submit a reading before you guys try to overcharge me / estimate my bill.

Screenshot of the issue.

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@kgrosvenor Call them and they’ll add the readings for you: 0300 30 30 635 (They’ll answer the phone very quickly)

Hey @kgrosvenor sorry you’re having trouble with your meter reads submission! Could you please upload a photo of your meter using the button above “Submit”, That way, you can still provide your readings and we can double check everything’s okay.


i do not have access to the meter, its in my landlords office - why doesn’t this just work please? I don’t have time every month to take pictures - i just want to enter the form with my reading - i would suggest loosening the validation so we can actually make readings ourselves.

@kgrosvenor, more regular meter readings will ensure that estimates are closer to the truth, but remember that with the standard monthly direct debit, the amount you pay each month will not change unless you request it, whatever the estimated readings do to your account credit.

As a customer could be completely fabricating readings, it’s not unreasonable for Bulb to ask for a photo to confirm the lower than expected reading,

@kgrosvenor Thanks for letting us know. Alternatively, just send the reading on here and I’ll make sure to enter it for you. The reason we ask for a reading is that if your reading does look significantly different to the estimates, we may need to get the opening reading amended. This would involve getting the previous supplier to amend their final reading and the picture would be evidence of that :slight_smile: For now, just send the reading as a comment and we’ll see if really need the picture. Cheers @mowcius for your explanation on this too :slight_smile:

if you wont accepe readings from me and over charge then maybe its time to move on

Hi @stephen5049. If you send your readings to us by email to help@bulb.co.uk, we’ll make sure to get them onto your account and see if there’s anything stopping them being loaded on :slight_smile: