Customer service non existent

Can anyone help as I am at the end of my tether before I contact the authorities.
Bulb have over £1,000 in overpayments from me. Ignore emails, ignore telephone requests, ignore letters for a re

Use the online chat,and lay out the facts,you will not have to wait very long,before an advisor starts chatting with you,GOOD LUCK

Thanks, but if you mean the ‘bot’, every time I have been on there there has apparently been 30 others queuing before me.

I don’t get it. when i use the bot, there’s been at most 20 people. When are you doing this?

Anyway, i’d call them (0300 303 0635) and use the “call back” option.

I was chatting TODAY there was 92 people BEFORE me,I carried on at my computer,about 6 minutes later my computer went ping,and I was chatting,then later today I got on again and 32 folks were in front,after about 5 minutes I was chatting again,try again,stick with it,when you start chatting,you get a button to press to upload photos,GOOD LUCK,stick with it,dont suffer in silence,folks on here will help,Regards,Ray

Hi @DonnaF

A slightly ironic welcome to the Bulb community, I’m sorry your first post was reporting these issues.

I apologize that you had so much trouble getting in touch with us, but can see that a refund has now been issued for you.

I hope you enjoy deciding what to spend that extra bit of cash on :thinking:

What is ironic is the fact that after months of trying to contact you I have to resort to coming into a public forum to get a reply to my communications.
I’m now advised that I will be refunded in 5 days so will have to wait & see.

Same for me - I have multiple screen shots of me trying to speak to someone via chat but always receive messages that there are no operators available so here I am on the community site instead. Basically my smart gas meter doesn’t send readings and doesn’t seem to be working properly either. Just want to leave bulb asap right now!

Hi @Si1969

I’m sorry you’ve struggled to get through to an operator on our live chat. I’ve had a look into your issue here.

I can confirm we’ve been getting regular readings from your gas meter, they just haven’t been loading onto your account. This was due to an issue with the way some of the technical details of your meter were listed on our end.

I’ve fixed this now and you should start seeing gas readings come through in the next few weeks :ok_hand: