Customer Service Sucks

i had my smart meters installed in feb 2019 and it has taken me 7 months to have bulb sort out the mess , despite having the new meters they were not talking to bulb almost 20 phone calls later and 7 months of estimates it appears to be ok?? and they say they are getting data ok , now my next issue is i dont have an “ihd” but reading on here about all the issues i dont thing i will bother cant be bothered with the customer service games they play, making promises they dont keep then giving you the run around , the customer service with bulb sucks big time , i am currently looking and comparing other suppliers so i can leave , we all need to know that we have customer support and this is clearly not the case with bulb ,

II want to switch, had enough of the not so smart meter farce, IHD NEVER worked since the instal in May, only meter readings on my account are the ones I submitted but until Bulb sort out the meters and IHD other suppliers tell me that I’ll still have dumb meters and a non functioning IHD, thanks Bulb!

My bill has been wrong since I sent in estimates. Two emails of complaint one to Ofcom and no response. Countless calls to be patronised and spoken to like I haven’t paid a gas bill before. People call centre sound ten and telling me my bill is normal. Only two people live in our house. Bill is crazy.

£250 a month gas bill. They won’t sort out meter. Don’t listen when I say I have a new boiler and central heating system. I have had two guys check for leaks nothing.

I have an old meter and my gas isn’t being calculated correctly. But apparently not possible. They want to charge me £200 to come out and check and replace meter.

I was going have a smart meter installed. However, now cancelled appointment and leaving Bulb. Want to somewhere where complaints and customer service isn’t Monday to Friday. Husband looking at Octopus but I am thinking British Gas (who are a nightmare but at least they have KPI re. Complaint response times and don’t treat a middle aged savvy person like a moron.

I’ve sent another complaint by

Been advised that if Bulb don’t send a final response to resolve this by then I can then send my complaint to ombudsman and they will support me in doing so.

@Pickering you may not have got a response from Ofcom as you need to be complaining to ofgem.