Customer service totally shocking

totally shocking customer service today from bulb no response from email or private messages about referal payments had enough now

Bulb customer service is abysmal, but in the first few days after the Christmas break there must be a lot more pressing problems to deal with than a query about referral payments.

You need to know Bulb are very slow at responding to emails & chat. So, forget that and ring em up instead!!! My recent experience was ten minute waiting but there’s the option of a free callback within the same timescale. My experience of Bulb is pretty good I have to say. They corrected a cock up they made recently without too much faffing about. I’d requested a referral credit refund and they paid up quickly but double-debited my account by mistake!!! I still think they are an okay company in my experience.

I’ve been waiting for a response since the 1st December, attempted to resolve it using live chat but the adviser was useless and decided to resolve the chat and end the conversation as they couldn’t answer the question. Very poor experience from Bulb.

Do you have a contact number? Cannot find one anywhere.


im not saying they are bad im just saying they are shocking at their customer service i had no problems with payments before xmas now its just gone up the wall nothing paid out since xmas and referal page not been updated since 27th dec

Have you checked the Help page for their contact details?

Given your problems and dislike of the company, I’m rather surprised you’ve got any referrals to query. Why would you have the nerve to refer anyone to such a knowingly bad company?

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this wait time for an advisor in chat is shocking. Once they get back to you they say “Hi” and ignore you for another 20 min.

typical wait time for a response is average 15 min. I couldn’t go through a basic security check in an hour!!!

Called up and requested a customer service callback which I got after about 10 min.

Over the phone they were very helpful.


Have you tried googling??? It’s there

Obviously, arsehole. Wasn’t showing on my search. Couldn’t find it on the website either.

Found it on a bill, so thank you to who informed me of that.


By the looks of your entries on this public forum YOU are the arsehole mate

This thread is my only entry, dick head.


Really? Not via the contact us link?

Official paperwork would surely be one of the first places you’d look?

It was me that told you this. But no need to thank me, I wish I’d never helped you now.

There’s a common thread amongst people who are abusive to others when trying to ask for help. You’ve just proved it. Good luck resolving your issue.